Zero-dependency, reproducible build environments.


Eliminate conflicting software components by creating isolated build environments.


Deploy and run your development workload in an isolated environments.


Enforce unified enviroments across your development, test and support teams.

What is Rebuild?

A strategic approach to managing build and test environments for IoT and embedded development.

Building modern software in a predictable and repeatable way isn’t easy. The overwhelming number of software dependencies and the need to isolate conflicting components presents numerous challenges to the task of managing build environments.

Rebuild solves these issues by using modern container technologies that offer both isolated environments and ease of use.

Rebuild is perfect for establishing build infrastructure for source code. It allows you to create and share fast, isolated and immutable build environments. These environments may be used both locally and as part of continuous integration systems.

One of the distinctive features of Rebuild environments is seamless user experience; it’s as if you are running on a local machine.

Our greatest feature? You don’t need to reconfigure your existing scripts or even learn how to manage and use container technologies.

Rebuild CLI

Powerful tool for your team

The main concept of Rebuild CLI is seamless usage. Use your existing tools. Other than basic Rebuild invocation, no other knowledge is needed. You can do all this with Rebuild CLI:

  • Deploy existing environments to your local machine or build server
  • Run workloads in deployed environments
  • Create and modify environments while tracking the changes and versioning
  • Share the environments between teams and team members
  • Track versions of the build environments used for previous releases of your products
  • Use environments on Linux, Windows and MacOS
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Rebuild Registry

A flexible repository for your environments

The Rebuild registry gives you a simple, yet effective way to store your environment images. Leveraging existing enterprise storage systems mechanisms to control the image access leads to simple configuration and administration.


Reduce IT costs

Save IT costs - Rebuild will save you time and cost in both the creation and modification of development environments.

Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency of engineering teams - Rebuild enables your teams to work on next generation products while maintaining existing releases.

Simplify support

Better support your customers - Rebuild enables field engineers to use the exact configuration used by your customers.

Rebuild demo

Watch rebuild in action.

Using rebuild environments

Creating, modifying and sharing rebuild environments

Rebuild editions

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Community Edition

  • Community support
  • Experimental features
  • Access to community environments

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Professional Edition
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  • Premium support
  • Documentation
  • Upgrade and stable release

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